4 Modern Design Trends

4 Modern Design Trends

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Bring your home up to date with these modern design trends that will stand the test of time

In this post we will be going over some of these trends and exploring why people around the world are loving them. We encourage you to take inspiration from this information and take it into account during your interior design journey!

1. Natural Furniture

Natural wood differs from other kinds of wood in that the colors are more organic and the texture tends to be a bit more rough. When you choose the right piece of furniture with repurposed materials, it instantly adds a sense of life to your design while at the same time protecting our planet by avoiding waste and unneeded fossil fuel emissions. 

Designer tip: This kind of furniture is enhanced when accompanied by items such as potted plants or books.

natural wood furniture
The Matera Dining Table is an outstanding blend of rustic and modern style. It features a strong solid oak top with live edge seared oak on both sides that creates a genuine and natural appeal. The tabletop rests on two polished stainless-steel legs that are both beautiful and durable.

2. Black and White

This classic duality is boldly making its way into the modern home. As modern furniture is generally less colorful than other styles, one of the most popular ways to establish contrast is to use black, white, and the shades between. Many modern homeowners apply black and white to their entire interior.

Designer tip: Accenting one shade on a sofa, for example, with a pillow of the opposite shade makes the entire area more visually appealing. 

modern office furniture Orlando
The Milano Desk is a statement in modern minimalism like no other. The long and beautiful shadowed glass tabletop curves downwards to couple as part of the base. On the other end is a polished stainless steel column supporting the glass and housing two spacious drawers. Create a modern minimalistic aesthetic while maximizing productivity with the Milano Desk.

3. Unique Metal Frames

With advancements in manufacturing it has become easier to get creative with metals. Especially in the furniture world, more and more unique designs are being made every day. We are now able to express ourselves through design in ways we couldn’t before.

Designer tip: Make a statement and bring a clean, crisp aesthetic to your home with a unique stainless steel dining table.

modern metal dining table
Blending the sleek appeal of glass with the industrial flair of angular stainless-steel legs, the Couture Dining Table is a striking study in modern design. The polished, dynamic steel frame stands out from beneath the thick, tempered glass top it supports. It is as much a piece of art as it is functional and durable.

4. Upholstered Beds

As the bed is notoriously the most comfortable piece of furniture in your home, it is only natural that it is taken a step further. That’s why upholstered bed frames with button tufts and other intricate details have become extremely popular. 

Designer tip: Not sure how this trend fits with your home? Whether you are looking for something in leather, microfiber, or another material, there is something out there for you in the upholstered beds category.

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