Home Lighting 101

Home Lighting 101

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Make your home shine with interior lighting advice from our experienced Design Specialists

Lighting is an essential aspect of interior design. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked. Effective lighting creates an ambiance, enhances aesthetics, and sets a desired mood for the interior of your home. 

Join us to explore the three key types of interior lighting and their respective functions.

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting or general lighting is the backbone of your lighting setup. These types of lights create the bulk of your ambiance by providing light to a wide area, usually from above. 

Examples of ambient lighting are chandeliers, tower lamps, and wall sconces. While ambient lighting is essential to creating a sense of comfort in the home, it is not ideal for detail-oriented activities.

modern ambient lighting
The Aroma Chandelier’s small bulbs hang from above like golden drops of rain to create a stunning display that is perfect for bringing your living space together in style. Crafted with durable black cords and LED housings, this chandelier is built to stand the test of time.

Task lighting

In contrast to ambient lighting, task lighting provides more narrow and focused lighting that is designed to help with detail-oriented activities. When you need to work long hours at your desk, task lighting puts a spotlight on your workspace to allow you to hone in.

Examples of task lighting are spotlights, desk lamps, table lamps, and swing lights.

modern task lighting
The Fnao Table Lamp is the perfect addition to your desk or end table to provide the light needed to focus on work and similar activities.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting fills the gaps between ambient and task lighting. Strategically placing your accent lighting to enhance the architecture and unique elements of your interior can take your home to the next level. The objective of accent lighting is to add overall depth and to attract eyes to certain parts of your home.

The LED backlights on the Monaco Bed draw attention by highlighting design details and creating dimension.

When these three types of lighting work in harmony in your home, your spaces will become all the more inviting and amazing.

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