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Zara Sofa second-image
Sale price$2,800 Regular price$3,299
Save 56%
Zara Side Table second-image
Sale price$310 Regular price$699
Save 25%
Zara Lounge Chair second-image
Sale price$1,270 Regular price$1,699
Save 30%
Zara Coffee Table second-image
Sale price$699 Regular price$999
Save 60%
Viena Lounge Chair second-image
Sale price$1,595 Regular price$3,999
Save 51%
Vegas Bar Table second-image
Sale price$395 Regular price$799
Save 59%
Tommy Dining Chair second-image
Sale price$324 Regular price$799
Save 54%
Tommy Barstool second-image
Sale price$324 Regular price$699
Save 15%
Sydney Outdoor Side Table second-image
Sale price$595 Regular price$699
Save 18%
Sydney Outdoor Loveseat second-image
Sale price$2,800 Regular price$3,399
Save 36%
Sydney Outdoor Dining Table second-image
Sale price$895 Regular price$1,399
Save 23%
Sydney Outdoor Coffee Table second-image
Sale price$695 Regular price$899
Save 31%
Sydney Outdoor Accent Chair second-image
Sale price$1,099 Regular price$1,599
Save 13%
Sydney Chandelier second-image
Sale price$695 Regular price$799
Save 28%
Sydney Chaise Pool Lounge second-image
Sale price$1,440 Regular price$1,999
Save 59%
Shore Side Table second-image
Sale price$367 Regular price$899
Save 45%
Shore Lounge Chair second-image
Sale price$599 Regular price$1,099
Save 51%
Shore Coffee Table second-image
Sale price$490 Regular price$999
Save 43%
Shore Chandelier second-image
Sale price$514 Regular price$899
Save 30%
Shore Chaise Lounge second-image
Sale price$1,195 Regular price$1,699
Save 37%
Shore Bench second-image
Sale price$875 Regular price$1,399
Save 20%
Ocean Sofa second-image
Sale price$2,399 Regular price$2,999
Save 19%
Ocean Side Table second-image
Sale price$445 Regular price$549
Save 7%
Ocean Lounge Chair second-image
Sale price$1,295 Regular price$1,399
Save 20%
Ocean Dining Table second-image
Sale price$795 Regular price$999
Save 16%
Ocean Dining Chair second-image
Sale price$795 Regular price$949
Save 17%
Ocean Coffee Table second-image
Sale price$495 Regular price$599
Save 18%
Miramar Sofa second-image
Sale price$1,795 Regular price$2,199
Save 34%
Miramar Side Table second-image
Sale price$395 Regular price$599
Save 17%
Miramar Loveseat 59" second-image
Sale price$2,495 Regular price$2,999
Save 29%
Miramar Lounge Chair second-image
Sale price$995 Regular price$1,399
Save 26%
Miramar Dining Chair second-image
Sale price$595 Regular price$799
Save 26%
Miramar Coffee Table second-image
Sale price$595 Regular price$799
Save 17%
Lucy Sofa second-image
Sale price$2,399 Regular price$2,899
Save 13%
Lucy Loveseat Small 40" second-image
Sale price$1,395 Regular price$1,599
Save 20%
Lucy Loveseat Medium 47" second-image
Sale price$1,595 Regular price$1,999

Step up your outdoor living game with Casa Furniture’s collection of stylish and durable outdoor patio furniture. Our designer pieces come without the designer price and feature high-quality materials such as weather-resistant wicker, rust-free aluminum frames, and UV-protected finishes. A beautiful, well-made outdoor furniture set allows you to fully enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer.

Choose from a wide selection of seating options, including lounge chairs and sofas, as well as outdoor dining furniture sets that’ll elevate your patio space. From casual gatherings to formal dinner parties, our modern outdoor furniture options will turn any outdoor space into an open-air utopia. Shop Casa Furniture’s outdoor patio furniture selection today.