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  • Fnao Table Lamp

    Replace the boring and tired bulb-and-shade lamps cluttering your home with the modern and exciting Fnao Lamp featuring vertical twisting LED bulbs...

  • Alma Chandelier

    The angled and wiry design, black and bronze tones, and shadowed glass bulbs of the Alma Chandelier exude a functional modernist appeal that is har...

  • Aroma Chandelier
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    The Aroma Chandelier’s small bulbs hang from above like golden drops of rain to create a stunning display that is perfect for bringing your living ...

  • Marilin Chandelier
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  • Empire Chandelier

  • Crystal side lamp

  • Crystal Chandelier

  • Crystal Floor Lamp

  • Drown Plates Chandelier

    Create an eye-catching, inviting place to host your family and friends for dinner parties with this Drown Plates Chandelier, an ultra-modern chande...

  • Stair Plates   Chandelier

    Wow your guests at the next dinner party with the Stair Plates Chandelier, a one-of-a-kind chandelier that features lighted rings arranged to resem...

  • Olympic   Chandelier
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    aWow your guests when they come to your home with this one-of-a-kind Olympic Chandelier. The light fixture is named for its appearance that resembl...

  • Ema Chandelier

    Add an element of modern industrial design to your living space with the Ema Chandelier. This chandelier features multi-angular stainless steel rod...

  • Brooklyn Chandelier

    The black metal housings of the Brooklyn Chandelier hang from above at alternative heights to provide even lighting and modern function style to yo...

  • Boston Chandelier

    Complete your modern living space with the Boston Chandelier. Like a fishing net, it casts its LED-lit black metal webbing down from above to provi...

  • Lyon  Chandelier

    Give your home a dose of modern industrialism with this Lyon Chandelier. The one-of-a-kind chandelier features five alternatively shaped rectangles...

  • Paris  Chandelier

    Make your living room or kitchen stand out among the rest with the Paris Chandelier. The striking layered chandelier features three stainless-steel...

  • Marseille  Chandelier

    Transform your kitchen or dining room into an art gallery with the Marsielle Chandelier that provides plenty of light while looking like a modern a...

  • Montpellier  Chandelier

    The sharp contrast between the Montpellier Chandelier’s small and large vertical illuminated rings come together to create a dramatic composition t...

  • Pamela Chandelier

    Catch the eye of your guests at your next dinner party with the artistic Pamela Chandelier featuring asymmetric acrylic pieces that hang down from ...

  • Granada chandelier
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    The Granada Chandelier features six metal rings arranged to resemble a spiral with modern LED strips lining the inside of each ring making it a fun...

  • London  Chandelier
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    The irresistible luxurious appeal of the London Chandelier is no secret. This contemporary chandelier is comprised of many small reflective bulbs a...

  • Berlin  Chandelier

    Light up your dining or living experience with modern flair using the Berlin Chandelier. The chandelier features six luminous rings in various size...

  • Venezia  Chandelier

    Cubes of light hang down from the ceiling at varying heights to create a beautiful geometric effect for your home. The Venezia Chandelier provides ...

  • Malta Chandelier

    Turn any room in your house into a stunning work of art with the inclusion of the Malta Chandelier. The chandelier is an industrial modern lover's ...