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Vases & Sculptures

  • Champagne Glass

    Gold-trimmed champagne glass that is perfect for adding a bit of flair to your modern dining experience. Gold accented champagne glass. Crafted w...

  • Wine Glass
    Current price $15

    Gold-trimmed wine glass that is perfect for adding a bit of flair to your modern dining experience. Gold accented wine glass. Crafted with high q...

  • Drip Home Accent Set

    Gold flows down from the top of this white ceramic vase to create a fun and colorful piece of decor that is perfect for adding a small amount of co...

  • Zebra Home Accent Set
    Current price $169

    Dare to be different with the Zebra Vase Set. Painted black and white stripes accent the stunning gold ceramic vase to create an unforgettable comb...

  • Jellyfish Home Accent Set
    Sold out

    The elegant and eye-catching Jellyfish Vase Set is perfect for bringing organic and colorful elements to the modern home. The three alternatively-s...

  • Face Home Accent Set

    Add a postmodern or futuristic element to your living space with the Finger Vase Set. This vase set features three white ceramic heads each with a ...

  • Silverware Set

    Create the modern dining experience you’ve dreamed of with our premium silverware set that includes a fork, spoon, and knife finished in a beautifu...

  • Silvana Plate

    Elevate your dining space with the Silvana Plate that features a beautiful cross hatch design and polished golden trim. Cross-hatch finish and go...

  • Push Vase

    A golden figure struggles to endlessly hold up a tall white marble slab in an impressive feat of willpower. The Push Vase is an artistic take on th...

  • Carve Vase

    Express your appreciation for the infinite possibilities of human creativity with the Carve Vase that features a golden figure preparing to carve t...

  • Clara Home Accent Set
    Sold out

    Fill dead space in your home with the Clara Vase Set. These elegant vases are composed mainly of glass and also feature beautiful gold accents. The...

  • Whisky Glass

    A gorgeous gold-trimmed whisky glass that is perfect for adding a bit of flair to your modern dining experience. Check out our other dining accesso...

  • Crystal Home Accent Set

    Add sophistication to your modern home with the Crystal Set, a modern reimagining of the crystal ball. The two alternatively sized vases features a...

  • Opal Coaster

    Protect your valuable surfaces from condensation while adding to your modern design scheme with the Opal Coaster. This coaster is crafted with beau...

  • Bubble Home Accent Set
    Sold out

    The curvaceous design of the Bubble Vase makes it a great solution to filling dead space and adding flair to your modern home.  Beautiful abstract...

  • Fatima Napkin Holder

    Add luxurious flair to your dining setup with the Fatima Napkin Holder. This elegant napkin holder features a crystal ring and a gold-rimmed crysta...

  • Marya Vase

    A golden figure stretches over the length of a beautiful gold-trimmed ceramic bowl to create a handlebar to make up the Marya Vase. Its simply crea...

  • Charm Home Accent Set

    Fill dead space in your home with the beautiful Charm Vase. The clear glass composition gives you a window to the scene within. Allow your creativi...

  • Asti Vase

    Express your thoughtfulness in a modern and tasteful fashion while filling dead space in your modern home with the Asti Set that features a metal f...

  • Book Book Holder

    This book holder is a more literal solution to your book storing needs. The premium gold-finished ceramic composition is both beautiful and durable...

  • Emma Home Accent Set

    The Emma Vase Set features three alternatively sized oblong glass vases in a beautiful amber finish. These simple yet gorgeous vases add just enoug...

  • Knots Home Accent Set
    Sold out

    Add contrast to your modern functional interior while filling dead space with the Knot Vase. The disorganized and messy nature of this vase makes i...

  • Mushroom  Home Accent Set

    Add a bit of organic shape to your modern home with the Mushroom Vase Set that feature two alternatively shaped glass mushroom vases with a beautif...

  • Leila Vase

    With its beautiful color and texture that resembles amber, the Leila Vase is the perfect addition to the modern home that needs a touch of natural...